About Us

Our family house has great architecture, and is about 75 years old.
In the space where it is now built our small hostel, it was an idle space where there was nothing, one of the owners decided to build his house to reside there in it, but as destiny the house was not completed in full , and started to rent for ONG`s for foreign (non-governmental organizations), we started to operate thereafter as a family B & B, recycling materials and displaying them as decoration, caring for the environment and although we are a family bussiness B & B, but our attention is personalized, we make them feel at home and as if in a hotel..

Why the name of Villa Napoli

Because our ancestors (grandparents, great-grandparents) were from Naples-Italy.
more than 100 years ago they came by boat because at that time there were no airplanes during 1a. World War.
They were musicians, playing the violin inside the ship and other instruments, like the arps, and they came earning their tickets, food, etc .. Looking for new opportunities began their voyage, arriving in New York, settled there, and sent others to inspect other lands.
They began their journey to Central America, arriving in Guatemala, El Salvador , and seeing the potential in this Country , to work and buy coffee plantations... etc. and they went and stayed here ever since. His remains are buried in the General cemetery Santa Isabel , Santa Ana, El Salvador.
Giusseppe Graniello, was the only one borned inside the ship, at sea , Italian origin (although seated in the mayoral Marcella-France) arrived with family members to take root in Central America.

Becoming Professional, it was an excellent Doctor and owner of many Coffee Farmers, gaining experience in the field of coffee and be a source of work for our country since then, founder and founding partner of several institutions such as the Medical Society,(Sociedad Medica), Casino Santaneco, and helped for the new building where school Colegio Liceo San Luis (Maristas) is in the actuality, among others ...
All Graniello Russo Family came from Napoles, Marcicovètere, Saponara ... so tha´s why the name of Villa Napoli. There is a meaning for us, as family.